Faith and Fitness Magazine (2021 edition)

Needing a new coat or digital paint and a few tweaks under the hood, Faith and Fitness Magazine is heading into 2021 with new possibilities and a framework to make it all possible.

Pop Art Puppy Dogs

Original, fresh, high impact and personalised pet artwork is a creative outlet for Jessica Marie with a website to match.


A podcast and news hub for people to hear a wide range of topics.

Silicon Beach Oz

A community based website servicing the start-up community in Melbourne, Australia.


An I.T. company aimed at providing computer solutions and support to small business and community groups.

Margaret Blood Group

Margaret Blood Group is an active supporter of the ‘fashion and fine jewellery industry’. The site is stylish, clean, straight to the point and designed for ease of use especially on mobile devices.

Lorimier Pty Ltd

Service based and visual pleasing to match Lorimier’s high quality and standards. A simplified user interface and navigation gives way to information taking centre stage.


A community centre website where accessibility to information and ease of use is a main priority. Special focus was placed on creating an ease-of-use administration console that met the needs of the centre.