Hi there

I’m reflecting. Can you tell?

Let me introduce myself and I will do my best to keep it quick.

I’m an art and design enthusiast stretching back to the 1980’s. Always on the lookout for textures, phresh typography and well proportioned layouts. Clean, simple, clear and most importantly, accessible.

So, what is muzkore?

muz is a nickname.
kore is a slight twist to ‘core’ being ‘the centre of ‘.
‘muzkore’ is an ambiguous description of my true identity.

This website is designed to showcase different projects and artistic outlets that I have been part of recently. All work displayed is within the past 3 years and I update at least weekly with new content. So, with the introduction over, please feel free to explore, read, think and/or introduce yourself.

Recent Projects

Lorimier Pty Ltd

Service based and visual pleasing to match Lorimier’s high quality and standards. A simplified user interface and navigation gives way to information taking centre stage.

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NuBeauty Tribe

Blog styled and aimed at networking and informing / promoting products. Slideshows, social media, mailing list and more.

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A community centre website where accessibility to information and ease of use is a main priority. Special focus was placed on creating an ease-of-use administration console that met the needs of the centre.

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Classic Melbourne

A magazine styled website aimed at building community through guest contributions, event calendar and future enhancements including monitisation. Various upgrades and customisations were made to modernise features and implement current web standards.

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Emergency Media

Emergency Media provides quality publications and printing solutions delivered on a timely basis to its clients.

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Margaret Blood Group

Margaret Blood Group is an active supporter of the ‘fashion and fine jewellery industry’. The site is stylish, clean, straight to the point and designed for ease of use especially on mobile devices.

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