On to introductions. I’m an art and design enthusiast stretching back to the 1980’s. Always on the lookout for textures, creative typography and well proportioned layouts. Clean, simple, clear and most importantly, accessible.

So, what is muzKore?

muz is a nickname.
Kore is a slight twist to ‘core’ being ‘the centre of ‘.
‘muzKore’ is an ambiguous description of my true identity.

Enter time machine….

The early years

I’ve been interested in art since the mid 1980’s. Art has always been a way that I could express myself whether it be recognisable or abstract. It was not so much about producing for others. More so about finding answers to what was happening at the time in and around me.

During the early 90’s I was heavily involved in the Melbourne graffiti scene. My interests in illustration were already materialising so graffiti / aerosol art became a natural extension to that. My interest in solo expression moved me more towards painting with paint brushes. At the time, mixing aerosol with paint brushes was seen as not cool in the scene so I decided to move away from people and influences which I perceived to be restrictive.

What came next

By the late 1990’s my love of drawing was in full swing and I was drawing and painting daily. Sketch books were filled within months and I started to give away my canvases as I was running out of room. In 1995, I was storing my work at a friends place which burnt to the ground taking most of my art, early digital work, sketchbooks, art tools and music. While it was a bit of a tragedy, if forced me to search for a fresh vision.

In 1997, I was introduced to Bulletin Boards ( pre mainstream World Wide Web ) and by 1997, I had my first email account and was experimenting with HTML and digital image manipulation. The idea of creating art with code and pixels fascinated me. Each line was a brush stroke and what was even more amazing was the ability to share my work with people right across the globe. I was hooked.

In 2000, I decided to turn my attention to this thing called I.T. (Information Technology) and enrolled in a Cert IV of IT at Epping TAFE. One of the best moves I could ever make. Not only was this the start of my I.T. education, but also a start to networking and friends that I still have to this day. Within two years I had completed my IT Diploma and started working freelance and contract in Web Design / Development jobs.

In 2004, I began a course in small business management and in 2007 I started teaching Multimedia at RMIT TAFE. This was a learning experience and it was great getting to know staff members which were specialists in Graphic Design, Printing, Photography… The list goes on. I was in awe of how deep the knowledge was in each of these people. I listened intently to their lessons when possible and also sought their guidance. During my time there, my interests broadened and my appreciation for print and paper craft started.

By 2012, my desire to return to the workforce took hold and I returned to a solo job in freelance web design, website consultancy, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) planning. In 2014, I decided to start a small business called FutureStorm with my amazing wife Andrea and together we worked with businesses mostly in Australia and sometimes internationally in creating great Desktop and Screen based experiences for our clients.

2018-19 marked the formal closing of my Small Business, sub-roles in other associated businesses and a lot of my freelancing. In running a small business, I gained a better appreciation of what it is to keep yourself current and competitive and my deepest respects go to those people striving to create Art no matter what the cost.

With the pandemic lockdowns turning 2020 – 21 into very unstable times, I continued to work remotely and used the time to reflect and contemplate what comes next. 


Now I am working for a few companies building website and consulting in all things Web. Each day holds new opportunities which I am glad to be part of. 2022 here we go!

Oh… I almost forgot my love of square format photography. Make sure to check out my Vero feed on the homepage or on Vero.

Currently Spinning

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