Since the mid nineties, I have spent a lot of time working with and in some amazing online media and marketing companies. These companies have been generous enough to allow me to display my work projects. Here is a collection of recent (and some not so recent) work that I participated in or built autonomously. Mouse over or tap a project to find out more.

Showcasing the many amazing products hand crafted by Helen Kline and her team. Now also trading as Stir Crazy Kitchen. Both a boutique coffee shop / eatery and an outlet to buy direct. Online shop coming soon.
We help readers make connections between the Christian faith and their fitness lifestyle. It is your tool for powerful, healthy, and passionate living. Minor tweaks on the current Drupal website with a new website coming in late 2017. Full WordPress. Responsive, accessible and styled for the future.
Tecoma’s Wellbeing Centre offering a range of alternative therapies to the general public.
Marketing is all about motivation. The want. The need. The desire. Driving and inspiring your customers and clients. Marketing is also about driving and inspiring your business to grow and increase profit.
Tales to Connect caters to the writing and editing needs of health and community organisations and the small business community.
A simple site built for speed and ease of access. Galleries, tabular information and interactivity make the site a joy to use.
A simple but stylish one page website aimed at showcasing the services offered, business location, gallery of work and various methods of contact. Original site design by ChristoSigns.
A Community Centre aimed at people of all ages and ethnic groups with quality activities. Built on an eCommerce backend and a high degree of usability.
A rich fusion of lush imagery and interactivity to introduce both the author and her written works.